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Treatment of personal details - informativa ex art.13 DLgs. 1962003

Under the Code on the Protection of Personal Data" we inform you that: a)The details collected on this form will be used to compile an e-mail for the requisition of information, which will be subsequently sent to the postal address of LC23; b)The details are handled electronically in order to guarantee safety and confidentiality; c)In the eventuality of a refusal in the insertion of an e-mail address might result in the inability to supply an answer/reply to the applicant. The possessor of this treaty is LC23. The handled details are not and will never be dispersed to third parties; e)With reference to Article 7 of the law mentioned above, kindly be informed that you have to possibility to request the cancellation or the amendment of your details at any time by contacting LC23, or using this form. Should you wish to consult legislative information in text format; you will be able to download it in PDF format, that can be found on the website under the 'Privacy Guarantee/Policy'.